Let us help you build your dream home. All you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your house to be completed.
Let Building Dreams do everything, with these 8 easy steps:


SITE EVALUATION. Upon contacting us our Architects and Engineers, and other parties involved visit the site of your property to collect information and visualize the possibilities of positioning and constructing your home. All these information will be considered in the initial and final design of your home.


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PLANNING MEETING. After we visit the site of your dream home, we will sit down together at our office and start with sketches of the possible layout of your home. This process usually takes a few hours and it is best that all family members are present. The items for discussion include important details such as total floor area, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, size of kitchen, number of cars in the garage, maid’s quarters, attic, pool or any other special requirements.




CONTRACT. We then agree on the total project cost and we review the detailed specifications of your house. After the final scheme and sketch is completed, and before we finalize the detailed plans of your home, a down payment will be required. This amount would cover the cost of architectural planning and blueprints only. However, should you decide to let us construct your dream home, this amount is fully deductible from the construction contract.   


ARCHITECTURE AND ENGINEERING DESIGN. Modern and economical design solutions tailored to your needs will be discussed. Items for this include important details such as wall and ceiling finishes, bathroom accessories and other equipment that you may want to be installed in your home.

Aside from aesthetics, an engineering, design and procurement process will be developed and implemented for your home requirements.



PERMIT PROCESSING. We then submit to the City Building Official all requirements for the approval of the Building Permit. After the building permit is released, we may now proceed with construction phase for your home.



CONSTRUCTION. We then start the construction of your dream home. Regular updates on construction activities are given to you so you will be aware of real time construction activities. The whole construction process is open to you for further inputs and appreciation of what goes into your home.


TURN OVER. Upon turn-over of your property, we will hand over to you the keys to your house.


AFTER SALES. Our partnership does not end after you move in into your new home. Aside from our one year warranty on materials and workmanship, you can always come back to us whenever you have other construction needs such as extension, renovation, repair, repainting, or any other construction work you may require. Should you ever have a need to expand your home for your growing family, we can always repeat the process all over again.

We at Building Dreams value the partnership that we're sharing. From the moment you've decided to trust us in building your dream home, one thing’s for sure,